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RPM625 Supercharger Silverado/Seirra/Yukon/Escalade 6.2L


2014-2017 Silverado/Seirra/Yukon/Escalade

625 Horsepower 6.2 L DI Engine

Package includes:
- whipple 2.9 liter supercharger package black painted finish
- Cast aluminum intake manifold base
- Drive system self-contained synthetic oil lubrication system for no maintenance
- Air to water intercooler inside the intake manifold
- Water to air supercharger heat exchanger
- Supercharger coolant reservoir, circulation pump
- Internal bypass valve to reduce parasitic loss for efficiency and fuel economy
- 160 degree thermostat & recalibrated fan temperatures
- Professional installation, testing and calibration
- Chassis dyno testing after installation
- Excellent drivability, highway mileage not adversely affected

Normal installation time required: 3-4 days with prior notice. Installation time may change based on current production levels. Package inclusions are subject to change without notice
Availability: $8695.00 Call or Email to Schedule an Appointment

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